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The VP Debate: "pit bull in lipstick," threw off her muzzle

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The pit bull is back, and she can still bite. Sarah Palin, the GOP's self-proclaimed "pit bull in lipstick," threw off her muzzle in Thursday night's highly anticipated vice presidential debate and took more than a few chomps out of rival Joe Biden and Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. Striding confidently out on stage, the Alaska governor reached across to Biden and set the folksy tone early. "Nice to meet you," Palin said as the crowd welcomed the two combatants. "Hey, can I call you Joe? The faceoff came on what started out as a rough day for Republican nominee John McCain, who Thursday pulled staff and advertising out of Democratic-leaning Michigan in what amounted to a GOP surrender in the Wolverine State. But with expectations so low headed into last night's first and only vice presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Palin seemed to win by not losing. She spoke in complete sentences, unlike her performance in several prior TV appearances. She parried Biden's jabs and often pivoted into areas like energy and taxes, both within her comfort zone. And she cast herself as the fresh face in the race for the White House - and Biden as the Beltway insider. "With all due respect, I do respect your years in the U.S. Senate," she told Biden, a 35-year veteran of the Senate. "But I think Americans are craving something new and different, and that new energy and that new commitment that's going to come with reform."
In a move suggesting how the credit crisis could disrupt American higher education, Wachovia Bank has limited the access of nearly 1,000 colleges to $9.3 billion the bank has held for them in a short-term investment fund, raising worries on some campuses about meeting payrolls and other obligations. Wachovia, the North Carolina bank that agreed this week to sell its banking operations to Citigroup, has held the money in its role as trustee for a fund used by colleges and universities and managed by a Connecticut nonprofit, Commonfund. On Monday, Wachovia announced that it would resign its role as trustee of the fund, and would limit access to the fund to 10 percent of each college’s account value. On Tuesday, Commonfund said that by selling some government bonds and other assets held in the fund, it had succeeded in raising its liquidity to 26 percent.

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Daily Kos: Obama Blasts McCain On LipstickGate!!!
McCain and Palin are out their lying their heads off. ... They should put her out there more...she's like Nicole ... A vice president who likes guns -- Well, what could go wrong there?
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Daily Kos: Palin Confirms She's A Purely Political Pick
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Large manufacturers have started to see their customers pull back "just in the past few weeks," due to difficulties with credit, said Daniel Meckstroth, chief economist at MAPI/Manufacturers Alliance, a research group. The jobs and manufacturing reports disappointed Wall Street. The Dow dropped 348 points and the S&P 500 fell 47 points. The negative economic reports could also add pressure on the Federal Reserve to cut its benchmark interest rate in an effort to bolster the economy. Many economists think the Fed could even move before its next meeting Oct. 28. Credit markets, meanwhile, remained locked up as banks are wary of lending to each other, unsure of which might be the next to collapse. The London Interbank Offered Rate, or LIBOR, for 3-month dollar loans rose to 4.21 percent Thursday from 4.15 percent the day before. The LIBOR is the rate many banks charge each other for overnight loans and is used as a benchmark for trillions of dollars of auto, student and other consumer loans. Martin Regalia, chief economist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said the higher short-term rates for banks make credit harder to get for everyone else. "When you build a dam upstream, you don't get any water downstream," he said. __

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